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Total Radiology Solutions
Total Radiology Solutions is a leader in providing PACS solutions to small and medium sized Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics, and Diagnostic Imaging Centers. We have created a model that allows our clients to access a platform that provides image archiving, report dictation, study and report storage at a cost significantly lower than owning and maintaining your own system.
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Total Radiology Solutions
105B McMillan Road
West Monroe, LA 71291

Telephone:     318 388-2646
FAX:              318 388-2952

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    If you need to report a service issue, please use our convenient online form.

    Q: Where can I get the lastest BRIT Viewer software to install?

    A: link to http://www.trads.net/dl_instructions.pdf give instructions for downloading and installing assuming they have a valid username/password on the system

    Q: What are the system requirements for for running the viewing software at home/office?

    - Pentium or Celeron 300 Mhz & up
    - Broadband or High Speed Internet Access Recommended (Dail-up will be very slow)
    - Windows 98*/NT/2000/XP
    - Minimum RAM: 256 MB (Windows 98), 256 MB (Windows NT), 256 MB/512 MB Recommended (Windows 2000), 512 MB (Windows XP)

    * Windows 98 cannot have studies pushed to them.

    Q: What type of internet connection is required?

    A: You will need a broadband internet connection ( DSL/Cable/T1 ). Using dialup will be VERY slow and we do not recommend this.

    Q: What type of monitor/video card should I get to view images?

    A: We recommend a monitor/video card combonation capable of doing a 1600x1200 resolution for best image quality while viewing images in your home/office. Lower resolutions will work ,but the quality of the image will be reduced.

    Q: Where can I send problems that I have with the system/software to?

    A: We have a support form you can fill out. Please click here.